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Calendar listings are designed for businesses to offer additional ways to promote their knowledge, business and practice. Our experience has shown that this is most effectively done with FREE or low-cost admission events. We suggest either the Date-Specific Calendar item ($15+tx/$16.13 total) or an Ongoing Calendar item ($15+tx/$16.13 total).

For special dated events or events with higher admission prices, we recommend our Save-The-Date Calendar ads. They are sold by the column inch, and start at $35+tx/$37.63 for 2 column inches.

Select a sample image, or underlined words below the samples, for more information and to submit your event ad (either date-specific, ongoing or a Save-The-Date calendar ad). Once you’ve ordered your advertising, please download the credit authorization form, and fax or call your credit card information to us.

Date-Specific Calendar

$16.13/ea per month
50 Word Max

Submit Date-Specific Event

Ongoing Event Calendar

$16.13/ea per month
40 Word Max

Submit Ongoing Event

Save-the-Date Calendar

NANM Simple Save The dateStarting at $37.63 and up
2 inch minimum

Submit Save-the-Date Event

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