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Dr. Trey Stiles, DC

Gentle and Effective Chiropractic Care

Dr. Trey Stiles, DC, has helped thousands of people in his over 27 years’ experience as a Network chiropractor. “The work I offer is gentle and effective. If you’ve tried other things and would like more sustainable changes, this office is for you,” says this practitioner who has spent his entire career finding, and reconnecting people with, the ease in their system.

In many ways, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) was a 180-degree shift from what Stiles learned in chiropractic school. “With Network, you find and work with the joints that are ‘at ease’. When the focus is on the ‘at ease’ regions, somehow, almost magically, the defended and stuck regions let go and get back in flow,” he explains. “An adjustment done this way doesn’t take any force, it’s very gentle.”

Dr. Stiles shares that over the years,

he’s also learned that our thoughts and words can lie, but that the body always tells the truth. “The language of the body is movement, breath and touch. One of the modalities I have come to love, a sister modality to NSA, is called Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI). It is the practice of surrendering to and directing breath, touch and movement. SRI teaches the body how to integrate experience by moving the energy and body with more integrity and harmony – when this happens, people’s symptoms change. There are certain patterns that we live in, and they change when we have trauma. We shut down in some ways, and this can be seen in the energy, movement and breath of our bodies, and creates pain and suffering on different levels.”

According to Dr. Stiles, SRI uses guided breath, touch and body movement to heal. It begins with a process of finding the areas of ease and letting them share their wisdom with the other parts. “The healing happens as we discover and learn to trust the inner wisdom of the body. For me, this practice is about bowing to and trusting this inner wisdom while connecting and teaching you to work with your own inner wisdom,” he affirms. “UC Irvine Medical School research has shown that in a study of nearly 3,000 patients receiving NSA and SRI, 99 percent of patients were more than satisfied with their care and its long-term results. Please come and discover what this care can do for you.”

For the month of October, Dr. Stiles is offering new patients half off pricing on the first two appointments.

Dr. Trey Stiles, DC
Network Chiropractor, SRI practitioner
Albuquerque, NM

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