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Interview by Lainie Sevante’ Wulkan
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Dr. Bruce Lipton is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief,  and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, he has been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows, as well as keynote presenter for national and international conferences. His deepened understanding of cell biology highlighted the mechanisms by which the mind controls bodily functions and implied the existence of an immortal spirit. He applied this science to his personal biology, and discovered that his physical well-being improved, and the quality and character of his daily life was greatly enhanced.

LSW: Please, give us a preview of what to expect at the up and coming event with Greg Braden, November 8 to 11 at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort called from “Chaos to Coherence”.

BL:  Greg and I have the wonderful opportunity of presenting new information about what’s going on in the world today. The world looks like it’s in a state of profound chaos everywhere. There’s economic, religious, racial, political strife. All this going on is not just in one country, but all of them at once. It’s not an accident. This is everything, right on time. We, as a civilization, have precipitated what is called the sixth mass extinction of life on this planet. Basically, five times in the history of this planet, life was thriving, and some event happened and from 70 to 90 percent of life got wiped out at once. The last time this happened was about 66 million years ago. Dinosaurs were here and the whole thing was tropical and everything fantastic. And then some event happened and boom… ninety percent of life got wiped out and that was because a comet had hit the Earth and upended the environment. Today we’re facing the sixth mass extinction.

Why? It’s humans that are not living in harmony with nature and because of the way we’re living, we’re destroying the ecosystem without recognizing a very important fact that we are derived from the ecosystem. If we undermine the world as we’re doing, we’re essentially undermining our own existence. There is only one way out and that is we, as a civilization, must change our behavior right now. We must start to learn that we are part of nature and we must live in harmony with nature. We just can’t walk all over it like we’ve been doing. A recent study showed that if everyone in the world lived as the people in the United States lives right now, it will take five planet Earths to provide for those people. If we live the way people in India live, it will only take .7 earths to create what we need.

LSW: When you say if we lived like they do in India, versus how we do, what do you mean by that?

BL:  I mean living in harmony and taking care of the environment. The simple truth is this: If we go back to the way original Native Americans or First Nations people in Canada lived then we’d recognize that they perceived the environment as a garden and they perceived of their role as taking care of that environment. We lost that part. That’s where the problem comes from. So, if we went back and said, ‘we are gardeners and we have to take care of this planet,’ that is the only way that we’ll be able to sustain civilization. Otherwise human civilization is going to be one of the early dropouts.

LSW: You mentioned people in India having a certain simplicity in lifestyle and, of course, New Mexico is known for their Native American culture. They, too, have many traditions and simplicity. Is there any relevance why you chose New Mexico, for this wonderful retreat?

BL:  I’m there because I’m working with my good friend, my spiritual brother, Gregg Braden. I love working with him because together, we tell a complete story about the planet that we’re on, its evolution regarding civilization, and its history. If we learn from history, we can move into the future and thrive into the future rather than the situation right now. It’s a struggle. Life isn’t designed to be a struggle. We’re creating a struggle and the moment we know that, we become empowered to change it. Everyone has the opportunity to disengage from the negative aspect. Because once you recognize you are participating in the negative aspect, not a victim but being a participant, then there’s an opportunity to make a decision. Then given the opportunity to change the program means you can walk away a completely different reality after you change a program.

LSW: How can people step into their own power and acknowledge that they are the ones in control?

BL:  Well, the most important understanding is the simple fact of science, and quantum physics is the most valid science which recognizes this. Number one—your consciousness is responsible for your life experiences. Period; that’s a fact. Number two—if you look at your life experiences and they’re not working out right, it’s not because the conscious mind, which is the creative mind, doesn’t have a story right. It’s because that conscious, creative mind, which can create heaven on Earth, only operates for most people about five percent of the time. Meaning that 95 percent of the day you are operating from these programs and the programs are the limitation. You started getting programs even before you were born. In the last trimester of pregnancy, a fetus is learning if the mother plays music through the abdominal wall and repeats that music over and over again, when the baby is born, and you play that music, the baby will instantly recognize the music. So, it started in utero and then for seven years via hypnosis. Ninety five percent of our life comes from the program.

LSW: Is rewriting the programs in our subconscious a quick process?

Here’s the issue. A habit, by definition, is resistant to change. If the habit changes, it’s not a habit anymore. As I mentioned, if you learn how to walk before two and you could be 50, 60, 70 and you’re still walking, it’s because you’ve got a program that is resistant to change. Well, I look at my life and I say, ‘it’s not working’ and I want to change a program. Well, how do I change a program? The subconscious mind by itself will not want to change. So, you have to learn how to program a change. Basically, I say, ‘well, how do you create a habit?’ Because if you understand how you create a habit and you know that mechanism, then you can use that mechanism to make a new habit.

LSW: Do you believe we are moving toward greater harmony in consciousness on the planet?

BL:  I don’t know. I can tell you the simple fact is I can at least live out my particular life in the joy of being on this beautiful planet and enjoying love and all the wonderful things that this planet offers in spite of the fact that the world seems like it’s upside down and crazy people are all over the place.

They’re not my world because they don’t fit in my vision or creation. Every one of us is creating. And if you have negative things showing up in your life, it’s not because they penetrated and violated who you are. At some level your program was open to that and that’s why they’re there. If it’s not exactly what you want, that’s an expression of your program. We are more powerful than what we’ve been programmed to believe in. Until we take that power back, we’re going to be victims of programs.

I want to thank you and your audience. As they become more aware, then the opportunity of manifesting heaven on Earth becomes more real. So, thank you for this opportunity just to give a little story about how maybe we can change everything.

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