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Published on August 29th, 2018 | by Master Mingtong Gu


The Spiral of Healing, Wisdom and Awakening

by Master Mingtong Gu and The Chi Center Staff

Spirals are everywhere in nature. We see them in the shape of a snail’s shell, the curled tail of a chameleon, and more dynamically manifested in whirlpools and cyclones. Did you know that the scales on a pinecone are also arranged in spiral patterns? Imagine the spirals in your fingerprints, or in a strand of DNA. See how many spirals you notice in the world around you today.

The spiral is probably the oldest geometric symbol used by man. In nearly every culture and tradition around the world, we find spirals depicting big-picture concepts like evolution, life, consciousness, spirit, creation—cycles of nature, intuition, the divine feminine, and even humanity’s place in the cosmos. We find this potent icon in ancient petroglyphs, sacred architecture, arts and crafts, mathematics, ceremonies and more.

Energy flows in a spiral in the Milky Way, and it’s also the energy flow pattern in your DNA and all of life’s transformation processes—including the digestive processes within your organs and the manifestation of abundance.

And, the spiral is the most powerful pattern we want to cultivate in our qigong practice.

Spirals have a pattern that repeats, but with a shift that means you never cover the exact same ground twice in the same way. (If you’re the perceptive type, you may be thinking how that description sounds a lot like… life!) All the elements and practices of qigong combine and work in harmony to create a spiral of healing that can benefit us individually and collectively.

One of the lesser-known practices of Wisdom Healing Qigong is working with natural energies as a unified group, in a fun and lively walking Healing Spiral. Through this ceremony, we build a powerful cumulative chi field of flowing energy that benefits not only the people involved, but also our planet and even our entire spiral shaped galaxy.

Working with energy in this way helps us awaken to the peace and grace we desire in our lives, connect us as one with all of existence, bring wholeness and healing, and energetically enrich and cultivate healing chi, through our collective intentions, and open hearts.


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