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Published on August 1st, 2018 | by Dr. Amata Jackson, DC



by Dr. Amy “Amata” Jackson, DC

Our last session was huge,” my patient gasps as I sit down to begin our current time together. She has tears in her eyes as she explains how working with the sense of betrayal in her past, which ran neuro-emotional patterns in her body, has cleared the fogginess from her head and decreased the pain in her body.

This is multi-level healing at its best. Your personal eco-system embodies physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, behavioral and social aspects of yourself. To become whole and healthy, you must address all these aspects of self. Oftentimes, much of the underlying causes of pain come from trapped emotional and mental patterning. These experiences are trapped in the nervous system, as the nervous system coordinates all the experiences of our lives. These experiences act as filters in the brain of how the person is experiencing the world and creates physical, emotional and mental tension and pain when not addressed.

Multi-level healing is about getting to “know thyself ” from the inside out. What makes you tick inside? What locked thought patterns or neuro-emotional complexes are filtering your experience?

What nutritional deficiencies are there and what physical trauma needs to be addressed? In human physiology, when trauma happens, the hypothalamus takes a picture of the trauma and sends hormonal cascades, neuro-peptides cascades, and neural tension cues of how to handle the trauma in the moment. If our bodies are not safe enough to experience everything that happens in that moment, our bodies lock this information into our body/mind and spine. Candace Pert, Ph.D., a noted neuroscientist and author of Molecules of Emotions, stated, “the subconscious mind is in the spine.” The brain and spinal cord coordinate all the experiences in the body/ mind. When a trauma occurs, the nervous system and body remember the trauma through all levels of self. And, though you may cast that broken bone, replace that hip, or quit that stressful job, the nervous system has not integrated the new information to understand that the trauma is in the past. This is where multi-level healing comes in.

Multi-level healing is for everyone. Whether you are in chronic pain and/or on a growth path to self-actualization, multilevel healing gets at the root of the issues that you are trying to heal.

When Joellen came into my clinic, she had been in self-imposed isolation for 12 years. She arrived covered from head to toe in cloth protecting her from electro-magnetic fields as her nervous system had become so sensitive she couldn’t use a computer, a cell phone or even venture far from her house. Working with Joellen we addressed the neuro-patterning of emotions, events and thoughts clogging her nervous system and making it hyper-vigilant. We were able to piece together the parts of her that became unraveled through the ravages of her illness and clear them from her body.

Joellen attests that multi-level healing helped her through the hardest part. “It picked me up off the floor and gave me pathways to follow to health. It let me step out of the strictly mental experience and allowed all the aspects of myself to be unified and integrated,” she says. With daily work and focus, Joellen has come out of isolation and now enjoys full health and can be seen dancing at the Railyard with the rest of Santa Fe.

When Faye came to my clinic just over a year ago, she had been in daily pain and discomfort for 40 years. She had tried every modality thinkable with some success but stated, “many modalities seem to help short term but were transient. The pain always come back.” Again, we began working with neuro-emotional patterning, nutrition, adrenal insufficiency and neuromuscular re-education to address the multiple levels of disharmony in her system. With a history of abuse and going through a move and a difficult divorce, we were able to stabilize her system. Today, Faye says, “Now I have level of physical wellness and inner peace that I never had before, no matter what I did! And, I don’t have daily physical pain! It surprised me when I was sore after moving because I had forgotten what it felt like to hurt every day!”


Dr. Amy “Amata” Jackson, DC, is the founder of Amata Chiropractic in Santa Fe. Visit AmataChiropractic.com.

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Dr. Amy “Amata” Jackson, DC is the owner of Amata Chiropractic located at 826 Camino de Monte Rey, Ste. A3, in Santa Fe. She specializes in treating fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion and neurological conditions. For more information, call 505-988-9630 or visit AmataChiropractic.com.

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