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Catching up with Karen Noe

Personal Psychic to the Wayne Dyer Family

An interview by Lainie Sevante’ Wulkan presented by Natural Awakenings magazine

After bestselling author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer left the physical plane in 2015, psychic medium Karen Noe began receiving very profound and specific messages from him for his family—and for the world. While Dyer comes through to Noe singularly, he also comes through together with a group of other celestial beings called the We Guides, which includes Saint Francis of Assisi and countless other angels and ascended masters.

LSW: Let’s let people know who Dr. Wayne Dyer was/ is because they might have heard his name before but don’t know exactly who Dr. Wayne Dyer was/is.

KN: Oh, my goodness. They called him the “Father of Inspiration.” He had so many books out. He was a great writer and an even greater speaker. I highly recommend looking him up to truly understand what I’m talking about. He was loud in life and he’s even louder now that he has passed, let me just say that.

LSW: How did your encounter with Dr. Dyer begin to unfold?

KN: It was a series of synchronistic events. A month before he passed, his daughter, Serena, was on my radio show, to promote [her book] Don’t Die with the Music Still In You. I had her contact information. When I heard he passed I was devastated and I wondered what I can do for her. I contacted her with a “without a doubt” message from Wayne for her and told her I’d like to send her a copy of my book Your Life after Their Death. She said would love a copy and I sent it to her.

A month later I was going to speak at an “I Can Do It” event with my publisher, Hay House. The day before I was to speak, they had a tribute to Dr. Dyer. I was sitting on the bus with the Hay House authors and there was one spot available on the bus and it was next to me. In walks Serena Dyer. We talked about signs and what to look for from her dad. She said her sister Sage had a profound dream about their dad and we talked further about that.

I later walked back from the bus and asked Wayne for a clear sign that he was talking to me. I heard him say “Get out of my own way.” Then I noticed there was a small sticker inside my shirt and there were initials on it that said WE. I heard him ask me if that was good enough. I said yes, thank you so much. I asked him why he chose me, and he said, ‘why did you choose me?’ A month and a half later the family came to my center in New Jersey to get more messages. As I was getting ready for my appointment with his family, a car cut me off and the license plate said Dyer 1. I knew he was going to come through for me to speak to his family. He did. He spoke through me very differently to each member of the family.

LSW: At what point did you start to bring in the WE Consciousness?

KN: The first New Year’s Eve that he was starting to come through, as I was in that in between state of consciousness, he said that now is the time to do what I came on earth to do which is to promote peace on earth and see through the eyes of others. I asked if I was going to be channeling him and he said, “yes and no.” He said he was going to be joining a group of other guides and beings. It’s a group consciousness called the WE Guides which includes St. Francis of Assisi, angels, ascended masters as well as he’d be part of it. It will be hard to differentiate him from everyone else, similar to Abraham, another group consciousness. He said that I’d be writing a book about 33 concepts on spiritual and divine guidance and spiritually uplifting all of creation. I then typed up the table of contents and sent it to the CEO of Hay House Publishing and it was immediately accepted.


Karen Noe is the author of We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace. To hear the full-length interview with more in-depth details and Wayne Dyer’s thoughts on the afterlife as given to Karen Noe, visit ZetaGlobalRadio.com.

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