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Published on May 30th, 2018 | by Publisher, Natural Awakenings New Mexico


Activate Your Unique Superpower to Make the Major Shift you Need in Your Life

“Being at the top of your game does not always mean living your best life,” shares Giovanna Rossi, founder of Well Woman Life. “Many of us reach our goals but find that they are not sustainable with all of life’s busyness and challenges. By June many of us find our ability to sustain those goals and overcome our challenges has either diminished completely, or is not at the top of our priorities.”

Whether we are focusing on our personal goals or professional goals, shares Rossi, the roots of how we get there is only discovered by finding and activating the superpower that makes each of us unique. Part of the journey is understanding that focusing on only personal or professional development is not enough. “We must dig deeper to connect to the other half that makes the big transitions in our lives that move us forward,” she explains. “All of us have external and internal supports that affect the way we can connect to our unique superpower and activate the tools we need to live our best lives.”

To support this journey, Rossi says there is a growing community of women who are working together to dive deep into their personal development by accessing a very specific framework that focuses on how to sustain one’s goals. “You are invited to join the Well Woman Life Community and start to identify the things that are holding you back, and the find your unique superpower that will help move you forward,” she says.

Giovanna Rossi is the founder of Well Woman Life. Take the Well Woman Life quiz and get your free tools to start on the path to living a well woman life at

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