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Understanding the Chi Field

by Master Mingtong Gu and edited by Sallena Pool

The chi field is a unified collective energy field with a specific function and structure. There are many chi fields that interconnect to the universal chi field of self-creation.

Wisdom Healing Qigong has a specific healing chi field, unified by the purpose of healing. It is a cultivated and organically developed energy field that has advanced through thousands of years. It includes both the accumulated chi field developed throughout the 5,000 year Chinese history of qigong, as well as the expanded embodiment of millions of practitioners over the past three decades around the world.

To organize a chi field in your practice is to align your own energy field—including your mind, heart, body, and spirit—with the collective energy in the room, any group or location, and then to connect to the Wisdom Healing Qigong chi field, expanding to the universal chi field.

While there is much to understand about the infinite potential, collective synergy, and accumulative effects of the chi field, in this season of returning Light we want to share the following parable to demonstrate the power of the chi field. It was shared by Master Mingtong Gu’s teacher Dr. Pang Ming, and is based on a true incident that happened in a village in China about 500 years ago.

The Story of One Hundred Candles: A Seed of the Healing Chi Field

There once was a family—a son and a mother. The father had passed away, so they greatly depended upon each other. And as the story goes, the boy was nine years-old when his mother suffered a severe illness.

To support his mother, the boy worked hard, gathering wood from the mountains, yet he barely made enough to feed them. He spent every extra moment seeking a cure for her. Despite the son’s tireless efforts, the mother’s condition worsened to the point that she could no longer speak.

Then one day, a monk showed up in the village. The boy found him, kneeled before him, and asked for help. The monk was touched by the boy’s heart. Even though the monk was not a medical doc tor, he offered to assist this boy in the ways of his tradition. The boy was excited and felt new hope.

The monk said, “I’ll give you a prescription to follow, but the preparations must be completed by midnight tonight—the darkest night of all—so that your mother can be healed.” Through tears of determination the boy responded, “I’ll do anything.”

The monk told the boy that by midnight he must collect one hundred candles—one from each family in the village. He must also ask each family for a prayer from their heart, to help heal his mother.

Without fear or hesitation, the boy excitedly rushed to every family in the village to ask for help. Everyone was eager to help, and they freely gave their prayers and candles with hope for the highest good.

By the time the boy finished visiting the entire village, it was almost midnight— yet he had collected only 99 candles. The boy was determined to fulfil the monk’s instructions, so put the 99 candles in the center of the village, with the hopes that one more candle would miraculously appear.

While he lit the candles one by one, everyone in the village came from their homes to join him. As they gathered around, everyone was in tears of hope, happiness, and community.

As each family joined, they saw the candlelight illuminate the circle and form one bright light. Then they witnessed the illumination of the hundredth candle—the light of the boy’s spirit. In that moment of grace, they all became one family, bathed in light.

Soon, from a remote distance, the village people heard the boy’s mother, who had not spoken in years, calling, “Son, where are you?” A miracle had happened—manifest from the strong intention, love and light of the entire community family.


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