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Published on January 31st, 2018 | by Publisher, Natural Awakenings New Mexico


Marie Black Studio

Marie Black, founder of Marie Black Studio, helps people navigate the terrain of their voices in speech and song. “I approach voice as a healing art and teach in a holistic and supportive style,” she says. “I fuse classical voice theory with vocal improvisation.”

According to Black, learning how to use one’s voice has psychological and physical benefits from building confidence to alleviating breathing disorders. “The vibrations in the body along with the abundance of breath used when we sing calm the nervous system. It’s engaged sound healing. When we gain fluid control over what might be the most intimate part of ourselves, the sound that arises from within us, we can go forward with more intention and more purpose.”

Black has been on a singer’s journey since age six when her mom shared her voice lessons with her. “Fast forward through years of performing and recording, a degree in psychology, 20 years of bodywork experience, and a relentless love of learning,” says this instructor who learned how to teach voice through a rigorous year-long apprenticeship at Transformational Voice Institute in Portland. “Earlier, I studied with Raz Kennedy who introduced me to Bobby McFerrin whom I assisted at his 24-hour Chant for World Peace at Grace Cathedral. Years later, I began studying the Circle Song form with Bobby. Through Bobby I met Rhiannon and witnessed her amazing gift of vocal expression through improvisation and began studying with her.”

When asked how she chose this line of work, Black remarks, “It chose me! Everything I’ve done in life has led to this.”

Marie Black Studio
Marie Black

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