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Published on November 1st, 2017 | by Publisher, Natural Awakenings New Mexico


Four Day Training Intensive for Breakthrough Self-help Technique

Dr. Larry Nims

A two-day Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) Foundation Training is being held in Albuquerque November 10 to 13. Be Set Free Fast is a unique and highly distilled, integrative psychology method developed by clinical psychologist Dr. Larry Nims that combines conscious awareness and intention with the power and skill of the subconscious mind to gently and rapidly eliminate emotional problems, behavioral ruts, and the chronic stresses causing or worsening pain conditions and illness. This breakthrough therapeutic and self-help technique gets to the roots of deep-seated emotional, psychological, behavioral and mind/body symptoms.

The name is itself a descriptive acronym: Behavioral and Emotional Symptom Elimination Training for Resolving Excess Emotions of fear, anger, sadness and trauma.

Official BSFF training has been awarded Continuing Education credit approval by Commonwealth Educational Seminars, adjudicators for the American Psychological Association, The Association for Social Work Boards, and multiple state boards for Marriage and Family Therapy and Professional Counseling. According to BSFF Master Trainer Alfred Heath, “This is a significant milestone for the method, because clinicians from most mental health disciplines, including registered nurses, may now apply Official Be Set Free Fast Training to their annual requirements to continuing education in order to maintain their professional credentials.”

The approval process requires the training in question to be either evidence-based or founded in accepted psychological principles. “Be Set Free Fast is perhaps the most distilled synthesis of multiple psychological principles and phenomena in modern psychology,” Heath explains. “It combines elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive dissonance, neurofeedback, Gestalt Psychology and Therapy, psychodynamic theory, hypnosis and hypnotherapy theory, body-centered psychotherapy, and neuroscience phenomena kindling  and implicit emotional memory reconsolidation.”

BSFF Master Trainer Alfred Heath

Behavioral science’s contribution to the inspiration that established BSFF goes back to the observations and experiments of physiologist Ivan Pavlov on dogs in the late 1800s, which showed that, once primed, the brain, and subsequently salivary glands, made an association

between an event (ringing a bell) and feeding time. “BSFF creates a deliberate connection between the saying/thinking of a cue word and the intention for the subconscious mind to generate a process that eliminates unresolved emotions and beliefs related to a consciously experienced or noted problem,” shares Nims. “BSFF’s emphasis on resolving subconscious emotions and beliefs is somewhat similar to Albert Ellis’s Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), with the critical difference being that with BSFF, once consciously identified, these emotion-and-belief root-causes are addressed at the level of the subconscious mind rather than debated at the conscious level.”

Heath hypothesizes that the subconscious mind responds to the BSFF cue by generating a state of cognitive dissonance: use of the cue appears to stimulate the relaxation (parasympathetic nervous system) response, which is a mismatch experience with the emotional disturbance and stress (sympathetic nervous system) normally generated when recalling the problem. “We now know through research uncovering the neurological process of memory reconsolidation that continually reintroducing a memory, image, or thought that provides a mismatch or counter-example of the problem emotion and belief, and holding both in consciousness, will cause the neural synapses representing the emotional response and supporting belief of the problem state to be erased,” he says.

These are just a few of the phenomena that BSFF and the subconscious mind seem to have synthesized into an elegant process. “The surprising aspect of BSFF is that, despite naturally synthesizing so many fields of psychology, the method is simple and reliable,” assure Nims and Heath. “Eventually, we’re confident that research will catch up to and validate the overwhelmingly positive anecdotal and empirical reports from thousands of people over the last 27 years and distinguish the precise processes at work when someone who’s taught to do BSFF uses their cue. Until then, we just accept the miracles based on BSFF’s sound psychological foundations.”

For more information on the training, visit BeSetFreeFastTraining.com.

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