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What is Chiropractic?

by Dr. Harold Steinberg, DC

Dr. Harold Steinberg, DC, DACBN, realizes that many people are still unfamiliar with chiropractic care. “Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine. Adjustments to the spine and other areas of the body can be done by hand or through the use of instruments or by a combination of both techniques,” he explains.

The objective of all chiropractors is to coordinate the body functions, create organ health, and keep normal nerve function in our bodies. “An added benefit in many chiropractic offices is the addition of nutrition counseling to keep our bodies functioning at a peak level as the organs and nerves need complete nutrition to stay healthy and function well,” shares Steinberg.  “The body is an amazing machine and good health can be achieved with proper chiropractic alignment to allow the brain to properly communicate with our organ systems.”

Discussions of sleep, diet, exercise and complete nutrition are a part of his regular office procedures. “This complete package includes adjustment of the spine as well as shoulders, elbows and other extremity adjustments as an important step in the desire of achieving good health,” he adds.

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