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Detoxification for Improved Health

By Harold Steinberg

Over the years, more and more clients are sharing that they are tired, feeling out of sorts, or just plain exhausted but their blood and urine tests show they are “normal.” Is the reason they are feeling poorly just “in their head?” The answer is no; many of their health issues are caused by toxin overload in the body.

Toxins are harmful chemicals found in the environment that may accumulate in the body. These chemicals can affect the functioning of our organs and therefore affect the performance of our bodies. Toxins can be stressful and inflammatory to the body which can lead to many illnesses and disease conditions.

What is a Toxin?

The Center for Disease Control list hundreds of these chemicals found in our blood. What are some of these toxins? Pesticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables, genetic modifications to our grains and vegetables to include pesticides, arsenic in foods like rice and in household building materials, acrylamide found in cigarette smoke and in fried foods, insecticides in agricultural produce,  antibiotics in animals due to mass vaccinations, bisphenol A in plastics and food wraps, triclosan in anti-bacterial soaps and body washes and personal use products, and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) used in perfumes, paints, dry-cleaning,  and VOCs in carpets, mattresses, sheets and clothing as flame retardants. Then there are fungicides, pesticides and herbicides plus loads of pharmaceuticals dumped in the toilet that wind up in our drinking waters. We think we are being health conscious when we drink bottled water. Many suppliers of bottled water are using municipal water systems without even basic filtration. Other daily items to be concerned about are the decrease of nutrients in our bodies when pharmaceutical drugs are ingested. This is known as “drug induced nutrient depletion”. These depleted nutrients have an important role to play in keeping enzymatic reactions working well and the body functioning at an effective level. Another concern, even if it not toxins, is the use of proton pump inhibitors which effect digestion and breakdown of minerals needed for bone and enzymatic health.

Body Detox Organs

Our body detoxes the above chemicals and pharmaceuticals through the liver and kidneys.  But lately these organs can be overburdened with the vast number of environmental toxins that we are exposed to daily.  There are two stages of detox the liver performs to help rid these chemicals. The body needs the correct nutrition to work these phases effectively. The first stage needs B vitamins, vitamins A and C and E, milk thistle and flavonoids and phospholipids. The second phase needs cruciferous vegetables, fish oils, fiber and probiotics and amino acids. These vitamins and food products should be of natural food sources and organic.

Help Reduce the Toxic Load

To reduce the stress on the organs we need to improve the nutrients in our foods and we need to evaluate the products we are using on our bodies and the products we are using to clean our houses. The chemical based cleaning products should be replaced with natural products. The same needs to be said with what you put on your body. The normal or conventional grooming products contain a long list of chemicals, some of which affect the nervous system. Replace these with less destructive products. Sometimes reading a label is an education. If you can’t pronounce it, think twice about using it.

Foods to Eat  

There are a few foods to help your body achieve the correct nutrients for the liver and kidneys. Fermented foods like a good yogurt, kimchi and Kombucha are good for gut bacteria, leafy greens have the alkalizing minerals and chlorophyll to remove toxins, beets help clean the blood and are rich in fiber which help feed small intestine bacteria, the herbs and spices like cilantro, turmeric, ginger, licorice, oregano, fennel help detox, sulfur-rich foods, like eggs, garlic and onions, can boost glutathione in liver phase 1 and 2.. If you are allergic to these foods please avoids.

Office Procedure

Besides discussing eating good foods with my clients I check their health stress level with a quantum energy biofeedback computer system which can analyze stresses in the body, lack of minerals and vitamins, the need for digestive help, chemical and metal sensitivities, environmental toxins, bacterial and viral sensitivities  and which organs are stressed and need better nutrition.  It take minutes to get a good list of what the body needs as a food, a supplement or as a homeopathic remedy. 

Should You Detox?

So should you detox? The answer is absolutely yes. We are being bombarded every day with many chemicals in our foods, clothing, and beauty products and in our drinking water. This adds to the heavy toxic chemical load our body is fighting. The use of over the counter medication and prescription drugs can affect the nutritional balance in our bodies.  There are many detoxing protocols published and many harsh colon cleanses available to rid the body of toxins. These techniques can be hard to manage and can make you feel worse. I recommend easier and less stressful ways to detox.  Being aware of what you are using on your body, what you are eating and drinking is a good daily rule to lighten the toxic load.

Harold Steinberg, DC, APC, DACBN, can be reached at 505-473-0057. His office is located at 3600 Rodeo Ln., #B5 in Santa Fe. 

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Harold Steinberg, DC, APC, DACBN, can be reached at 505-473-0057. His office is located at 3600 Rodeo Ln., #B5 in Santa Fe. To read the complete article go to naturalawakeningsnnm.com/blog/category/local/.

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