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Published on March 30th, 2017 | by Michael Schwartz


The Symbology of Constipation

by Michael Schwartz

Constipation symbolically represents holding onto the past. When you hold onto past ideas and concepts, and do not allow yourself to change, you limit yourself, and this, in turn, could create frustration, resentment and anger. All of these energies are the beginnings of different diseases, and this is exactly what happens when a person is constipated; the toxic material is not purged from the system, so the poisons re-enter the body and corrupt it.

Concepts are something that must be purged and replaced with healthy ideas on how to live in keeping with the Universal Teachings that govern all life. It does not matter what causes the constipation—diet, medication, lack of minerals, or a blockage—all these situations are also symbolic.

Although constipation has many causes, a poor diet is known to be a major contributing factor. American eating habits and food manufacturing processes have combined to render ours a diet lacking in fiber, another major cause of constipation.

Constipation can be eliminated by increasing fiber in the diet, eating more organically grown raw fruits and vegetables, increasing liquid consumption—particularly distilled water and organic fruit and vegetable juices—and avoiding milk and sodas. It is also best not to consume liquids at meals, which dilutes the digestive juices and could cause fermentation of foodstuffs, resulting in gas and bloating. Taking probiotics, such as acidophilus, can help digestion, assimilation and elimination. Taking multi-minerals is also of primary importance because minerals participate in enzyme transactions as well as muscular transactions. Drinking aloe vera juice after each meal is another suggestion because this can act as a lubricant, as can olive oil and vinegar dressing on salads.

Finally, do not forget to exercise, which benefits circulation to the entire body, including the muscles involved in digestion and evacuation.

Nutrients and herbs for constipation

Calcium and magnesium: Both support contractibility and relaxation of muscle. This facilitates the muscular transactions necessary to move matter through the intestinal tract. They are also vital for proper elimination, as this too is controlled by muscles.

Apple pectin: Along with other fibers, apple pectin is excellent for the intestinal tract. Butternut root bark, prunes and senna: All of these agents are well-known for aiding in bowel movements. They act like laxatives without the addictive nature of those types of products.

Michael Schwartz, President of Michael’s Naturopathic Programs, has worked in the natural food industry since 1975 as a sales rep, retailer, teacher, naturopathic counselor and as a producer of nutritional supplements and other products. He can be reached at or by visiting See ad, page 24.

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