Spotlight Meditation Versus Medication

Published on November 1st, 2016 | by Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp.


Meditation Versus Medication:

A Mindfulness View of Today’s Health Care System

Today we are quite literally bombarded by an overabundance of medical and pharmaceutical choices. So many wonderful advancements have been made in medical science in our lifetime. But what about the downside of the myriad of choices we face every day? One can hardly avoid the intensity of commercial medical advice, never mind you may not have any of the illnesses that are being promulgated via TV, media, advertisement and so forth. Yet, it’s difficult to choose what is best when faced with a serious or even terminal illness, much less our typical worries over our health.

So what makes us healthy and how do we maintain a state of wellness that is commiserate with our fast-track lives? Rushed and always busy, we find ourselves eating what we can fix in a minute or two, or, worse, we stop at fast food joints or so-called affordable restaurants. We cut our sleep-time in favor of the work or worry that constantly plagues us; and we exercise with an intensity of purpose that robs us of our peace and harmony.

But what are we getting when we eat on the run or short shift ourselves from much needed sleep and exercise? To put it mildly, we are creating our own demise. Time is the biggest culprit in our society, especially the common idea that “I just don’t have the time.” But there is a cure that works in all cases.

When you begin your day mindfully, with a view toward the fulfillment of Joy in your daily life; and when you can make the time to meditate quietly at home before you begin your day, just the peacefulness of your own Divine nature, then, and only then, will you find a respite from your hurley-burley fast tracked life. Once one is focused on the True Self, the Self within that is always and forever ‘Divine’, then there is a real opportunity to avoid much of the medical madness that has taken humanity by storm.

If you listen to some, there are always steps to proactive health care that necessitate a shot or prescription. So often, though, health is a mental state rather than a medical state. If you acknowledge the wisdom of your Soul, indeed acknowledge its existence, you have a very good chance of living your entire life pill-free. This is where daily meditation comes in handy. If you can discipline yourself to sit in meditation for 20 to 30 minutes on a daily basis, reflecting on your True Inner Self, you will improve your health enormously in a matter of months. Your body has a tremendous facility for self-healing and well-being once the True Self (Soul) has been realized. Add to this a mindfulness diet and appropriate exercise and sleep for your body, age and ability, then you have already written yourself a promising prescription for good and long-lasting health.

Now, let me be clear, if medical intervention is really needed, it is an excellent solution for acute care. But again, wisdom and discernment should help you be proactive in every medical decision. Meditation will always guide you, as it is your True Inner-Self, your God-Self Reality that will help you make an informed decision. So relax, wake up to joy every morning and pursue a life tempered by meditation over medication. Take time to see the sunrise/sunset and bring your Heart-Mind into its own perfection.

Reverend AliceAnn Taylor, PhD, OM, UNM, is an ordained priest of God and a Transpersonal Psychologist. She is the founder and principle minister/channel of the OakRose Academy of Light, a non-profit spiritual-educational organization. For more information, visit or call 505-490-8855.


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