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Published on February 28th, 2015 | by Publisher, Natural Awakenings New Mexico


March 2015 Letter from Publisher

A dog is a vehicle, you know; a dog is a window to Mother Nature, and that’s the closest species we have. ~Cesar Millan

Part of this month’s issue is devoted to animals and the people that love them. Kurt and I are animal lovers. We have two pets—a dog and a cat. Cleopatra, or “Cleo,” our black lab was purchased from a litter displayed in the center island of a suburban neighborhood in Miami. She’s pretty big for a girl black lab. At one point she even weighed 82 pounds. Now she is 15 years old with a grey beard and spends most of her time sleeping like a princess on her thick cushioned pillow.

Adera, our cat was considered the runt of the litter, although I’m not sure why. She is gorgeous, super spoiled, and dominates Cleo who runs circles to avoid encountering her. Most of the pets we’ve had come from the Humane Society. It feels so good to take an animal home knowing you’ve just reduced the odds of it dying in the animal shelter. “A question to think about is not ‘Can they reason?’ or ‘Can they talk?’ but ‘Can they suffer?’” says Barry MacKay, director of the Animal Alliance of Canada.

I couldn’t imagine sharing my life without my furry housemates. They give so much while asking for so little in return.

The second part of this issue is devoted to the trend of healthy cuisine that is popping up everywhere. With the dangerous impacts of GMO’s, pesticides and other chemicals, more and more consumers demand to eat food that is wholesome and organic. It also feels good to support our local farmers. Luckily there are numerous restaurants in our area that buy from local farms and offer as many organic ingredients as possible. This trend doesn’t stop in restaurants. Food trucks are popping up in droves supplying our community with quick, wholesome and affordable meals. Even vending machines and schools are catching on to the trend.

Several of our local healthy eateries are featured in this issue and share of some of their most popular recipes. Now you can reproduce these delicious, gourmet meals at home.

Bon Appetit!

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