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Published on August 1st, 2014 | by Rev. AliceAnn Saunders


The Education of the Higher Mind: A Look into Evolutionary Consciousness

As the world shifts into its next level of consciousness, we as planetary beings of Light must look to our own evolutionary process. How we choose to evolve at this time in Earth’s history is crucial. We have a wonderful window of opportunity now opening in front of us that will allow our species to manifest in full consciousness, activate our dormant DNA, and raise human awareness to the next octave.

Much has been said about living positively, choosing authentic happiness, and living from soul as a means to psychospiritual development. However, as we move forward in planetary consciousness, we are actually evolving humanity’s potential to a new, higher frequential focus. This window of opportunity comes directly from the highest realms of heaven. It does not have to do with religion or doctrines of any kind. It has to do with the human potential of our next evolutionary step in the expansion of the cosmos.

Living in the higher mind means attaining a level of inner awareness that will augment our divine gifts. By this, I mean we are now able to advance consciousness with inter-personal and intra-personal telepathy, precognition, healing through sacred sound, and divine radiance. We can expand our mental capacity by shifting from the functionality of the lower mind to the heart-conscious awareness of the higher mind, which is geared more toward soul awareness and wisdom, as we learn to think with our heart-mind rather than the rudimentary thought process of our brain. This shift to soul awareness of the higher mind will advance human consciousness 100 fold. Already there are yogi’s in the East who can manifest such mental gifts, advanced meditators that can slow the metabolism of the body and advance the thought process, and certain sacred perennial tribes that already hold the conscious well-being of the Earth and all life on its surface. These are not New Age things. No. Rather they are ancient wisdom techniques long lost to the so-called modern era. We as planetary peoples have given up much innate wisdom in order to achieve material gain. But many seekers of such higher truths are now turning to the ancient wisdom schools, the path of liberation of mind-body-spirit that allows the higher mind to manifest.

Times change, and part of the esotericism of one age becomes the exotericism of its successor. The heliocentric system, the electroatomic structure of matter, the transmutation of electrical energy into heat, light and other radiations, the manufacture of explosives, psycho-somatic medicine and demonstrations of human powers of extrasensory perception—this carefully concealed knowledge of the mystery schools of old has now become well-known. The upper layers, at least, of the ancient scriptural allegories and myths have now been uncovered. Deeper layers yet remain, and these, in their turn, will be revealed as humanity evolves and the keys of interpretation continue to be discovered and employed. —Geoffrey Hodson, 1967

In this spiritual aspect of his nature, man—sometimes called the microcosm—is regarded as one with the Divine, the macrocosm. That Supreme Spirit, who is the “immortal and eternal god who forever reigneth serene above the water floods,” and the Spirit of man are one spirit. In Hinduism, because of its paramount importance, this truth is referred to as the sovereign secret, or the royal secret. The Deity is neither external to nor different from man. God and man are one and indivisible throughout all eternity. This is the supreme truth taught directly in all mystery schools and in the esoteric aspects of all religions. In Hinduism, the spirit in man is described as “the Inner Ruler Immortal seated in the heart of all beings,” “the one Godhead hidden in all creatures, the Inmost Soul of all.” In Christianity, the Deity in man is the “Christ in you, the hope of glory,” the “God which worketh in you,” the living God for which the body is a temple. — Geoffrey Hodson, 1967

Humanity is now seeking a new platform for existence. No longer are the traditional paradigms of thought, learning, knowledge and even daily life satisfactory for the human spirit. Rather, it has become a matter of urgency to discover one’s own inner truth, to seek the answers to the deepest questions of being and to find the highest forms of peace possible. Everywhere I travel I find those that are hungry for this knowledge, a knowledge that has been in front of us for thousands upon thousands of years. But now the master teachers are reigniting us with the flame of divine love, of divine knowledge, of divine spirit. All we need to do is follow our heart and seek, for it shall be given unto each and every one who seeks to know.

The Academies of Light
The OakRose Academy of Light is such a mystery school. We are a nonprofit spiritual-educational center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The new academies of light that are foretold are now forming worldwide. With each, the establishment of divine or cosmic law will be the guiding force, but more significantly, will be the principle of Love-Wisdom that will underscore each new face of human expansion. The Book of Knowledge, Keys of Enoch states:

The Academies of Light will train the mind to work with the Keys of Knowledge, using the seventh, eighth and ninth chakra triangulation to actualize a physical quantum leap beyond the imperfect karmic cycles of our solar spectrum known to the ancients as being influenced by the Solar Council. These Academies of Light will be a global network of spiritual communities of the People of Light united and focused into one interplanetary government that will accept the Brotherhoods that serve the Office of the Christ. – J. J. Hurtak, 1976

The master-teachers of the Great White Brotherhood of Light that have brought these ancient wisdoms forward are even now teaching those who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see that which is of the next order of evolution. The offices of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth govern the spiritual development of Earth and hence are responsible for providing humanity’s gateway into the next level of conscious awareness.

The Shift of the Ages

Everything on the Earth is undergoing a great paradigm shift. How we learn and how we choose to evolve is very much in our own hands. No one will push, shove or entice the peoples of Earth to evolve consciously; that is strictly a personal choice for everyone on Earth. But we can teach one another how to uplift our conscious vibration to its next octave. We can assist one another to a higher and more definitive awareness. We can grow in the Light and become more than human, we can become our own inner divine.

It is important to understand that this next evolutionary process is all given to us under the law of free will. Humanity has digressed from its original heritage, but now we can reconnect with our legacy; we can come home to our higher mind, which is our divine awareness and we can evolve into the next level of creation right along with the rest of the Universe. We are, after all, a part of the divine mind, which is itself the higher mind of God.

The Four/Seven-Body System: An Initial Lesson in Conscious Awareness

We have been gifted with seven earthly chakras, and five higher chakras that will manifest in the new Earth reality. We have dealt for millennia with the lower four-body system, which is a nesting of the physical body within the emotional body, within the mental body within the causal body. Our soul has guided us since the fall of Atlantis and the loss of our higher mind, through life after life of lessons, karmic balancing and physical-emotional-mental suffering. All this was a step down from the higher mind. But now we are evolving past the suffering of the lower frequencies of consciousness and able now to embrace the higher triad of existence, namely: spiritual will (divine will), intuition (divine inner-knowing) and the higher mind (the union of the mind of God). Once we evolve to the state where we are continually in the upper triad, we are not only enlightened, but we are well within our next spiritual octave. This upward human growth is our true heritage, that which we are reconnecting with from before the fall and that which will evolve to ever-greater Christ-consciousness awareness.


Again, we are at a spiritual crossroads. We can choose upliftment to the next octave and go into the next phase of evolutionary consciousness. Or, we can withhold our legacy and continue in war, conflict, pain and suffering. It is our choice. God will not make this choice for us, nor will the asters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is ours to do or not as we will. But once we fully acknowledge our individuated God-consciousness, we are already on the fast track to ascension, to a greater awareness of who and what we are and have always been. The education of the divine mind is but a breath away; there is only one small step toward divine mind; and, once we obtain it, we will step further onto the platform of cosmic consciousness and so forth, right along with the ascended teachers.

Saunders_1Come join the OakRose Academy of Light to discover your divine destiny, your pathway home and your inmost truth. We meet monthly for a two-hour lightworkers teleconference. We also give master classes guided by the ascended master-teachers through their clear voice channel, Rev. AliceAnn Saunders. One on one sessions with the master-teachers are also available to assist you in your own spiritual path. Our newsletter also provides you with the most up-to-date resources for spiritual growth. Our website provides transcripts, messages from the masters and resources that instruct and guide you to a greater understanding of cosmic law and the order of the universe.

Rev. AliceAnn Saunders, Ph.D., is the founder of The OakRose Academy of Light, located at 109 Michelle Dr., Santa Fe. For more information about the Academy or to schedule a reading with an ascended master-teacher, contact Rev. AliceAnn at Rev.AliceAnn@OakRose.net or visit OakRoseAcademyOfLight.com.

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Rev. AliceAnn Saunders, Ph.D., is the founder of The OakRose Academy of Light, located at 109 Michelle Dr., Santa Fe. For more information about the Academy or to schedule a reading with an ascended master-teacher, contact Rev. AliceAnn at Rev.AliceAnn@OakRose.net or visit OakRoseAcademyOfLight.com.

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