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Published on May 31st, 2014 | by Publisher, Natural Awakenings New Mexico


Letter from Publisher June 2014

Happy Father’s Day to all good men everywhere with great gratitude for consciously co-parenting our children and fathering the world! Reading Wayne Dyer’s introduction to his daughter’s book, Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You: My Experience Growing Up with Spiritual Parents, reminded me Tsabary, Ph.D., The Conscious Parent, recently featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. I like the idea of how, when parents connect with their own essence and Source they are enabled to raise their children up as beings that do not need fixing. How freeing it is to nurture a child’s understanding and expression of their own unique essence rather than try to force them to live in ways that may be a futile attempt to make up for our own shortcomings. As crucial role models, why not instead focus on becoming our best selves along with them? When his dad passed, my son Justin, barely 20 years old, lost his best friend and reacted by rebelling. When he finally enrolled in college I persuaded him to sign up for a practical path. Unfortunately, he struggled with school to the point of skipping this past semester. Although highly anxious over the situation, I came to realize that the better course was to let go. I’m so happy that this coming semester, Justin chose to enroll in music classes to pursue his musical gift. I will support him with all my heart, as I know his dad would have. June will be an exciting month! June 1 to 8 kicks off the conscious-raising Albuquerque Film and Media Experience (AFME), featuring uplifting movies, live concerts, Bollywood, speaker panels and much for the soul. June 6 to 8, Robyn Benson’s Santa Fe Soul Health and Healing Center hosts the Unlock Your Self-Care & Thrive revolution, with renowned speakers such as Dr. Norm Shealy, Michael Gelb and Dr. Melva Green, from the TV show Hoarders. Claim your hug by Amma, the hugging saint, on June 15 at the Buffalo Thunder Resort. If you love kirtan’s devotional chanting, check out the “Wah! Healing Concert” at Body of Santa Fe on June 27, then reserve your seat for Krishna Das’ Santa Fe concert on July 10 and 11. What an amazing feast for body, mind and spirit. Details for all of them in this issue. Namaste, Andrea Williams, Publisher

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