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HEALING AND THE BODY OF LIGHT – A Mind-Heart Connection for the New Earth


A Mind-Heart Connection for the New Earth

by Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek


“Let your Mind-Heart lead you to ever greater realities, ever deeper levels of Love and Peace.”  Ascended Master Kuthumi

Remembering who you are before you were born is a key part of health and well-being, but it isn’t as hard as it seems. This existential question is the entree into the opening of the Heart Chakra and your Higher Self. So how does this promote good health and well-being? It augments the True nature of who you actually are and who you have always been before you ever came into physicality on this earth plane.

The physical heart is influenced by the endocrine system, and the endocrine system is directly under the governance of the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is located aetherically at the center of your chest at the very tip of your breast bone, where the thymus gland is located. This is the Seat of the Higher Self once it descends from your Monadic Star, which has been waiting for your request for its descension since the Great Fall. But now is the time when asking is the manifestation of the Higher Self, that Higher Mind, that Divine connection with Prime Source, what is often called the Universal Mind.

When we nourish our lives with healthy heart awareness we also need to include an awareness of our own Divinity, that which dwells within the Heart Chakra. This is a well-known fact in the East and has been taught for eons in the ancient mystery schools as the inward path to God. But now, in this new Energy of transformation, the Heart Chakra is more easily accessed, more apparent when the descent of the Higher Over-Soul is realized; it also promotes good health in body and mind. Learning to live from the Heart Chakra is learning to live in enlightenment.

The opening of the Heart Chakra is the gateway to full conscious awareness, full enlightenment if you choose. We live in a time where Cosmic Energies are affecting everything and everyone upon the planet. We are Divine Beings without a doubt. No longer human beings having a spiritual experience, nor are we Spiritual Beings having a human experience, No No. We are now realizing that we are and always have been Spiritual Beings having a Spiritual experience. Once you understand that you are actually ‘Divine’ that you can never or have never been separated from your Divinity, everything in life becomes so much clearer, so much more sensible. The Universe and Divine Order is simple, it is humanity’s misperceptions of it that has complicated the entire picture.

 “I believe in Spinoza’s God, who reveals himself in the harmony of all that exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fate and the doings of mankind.”-Albert Einstein, 1926

Everything in the Universe is Energy. Albert Einstein empirically proved this with his Special Theory of Relativity, (1905), demonstrating that space/time is relative to the perceiver, existence is multi-dimensional, matter itself is energy at ever-increasing density and our universe is part of a multidimensional whole. This more or less esoteric discovery brought Einstein into a somewhat radical Spiritual orientation, as he realized that the Cosmic Laws that bound physics were the very same Divine Laws that created and governed humanity as energetic beings within a holistic and self-correcting (healing) universe.

Becoming More Than Human:

When you live from the Heart Awareness, you live in an enlightened state of consciousness. But one must make an effort to do this. You don’t have to enter a Buddhist Monastery or Hindu Ashram to be able to manifest this mindfulness. You merely need to be open to the realm of possibilities that lead you in that upward direction. The Heart Chakra is the Seat of the Soul; and more than that, it is the Seat of your Oversoul (Emerson 1841), the “I AM” presence which you were before you took any Earth incarnation. When you realize that Heart-Love and Heart-Thought is much truer than head-thought and superficial love (Eros), you will express your true Divinity, your God-Self Realized Reality. It is quite simple, “Let Go and Let God.” It is no longer about religion or dogma or theology. In fact, it is the antithesis of all human patterning at the lower frequencies. To Love is to Love God unconditionally, a perception that is not fully comprehensible while still living a 3D mentality. Yet, all of us are moving upward in thought, compassion, forgiveness and discernment.

Let me give a simple example of what I am indicating here. When you ‘think’ of something or ‘react’ to something that has happened to you, you typically center that thought or emotion either in the head or gut; that is in your cognitive mind or solar plexus. But when you can funnel or channel that energy of that thought or emotion into the center of your Heart Chakra, you immediately have a much different experience, a much deeper understanding of the answer, the necessary response or the outcome. You can test this out by thinking a simple thought like: “What is it that I really want to do with my life in this very moment?” Once you have that thought in mind (in the head as it were), you can send the energy of that thought/question straight down your sacred channel, Shushumna (that illumined corridor of Light that parallels your spine) and send it directly into the Heart Chakra at the center of your chest. Try it! You will see that you get a much different answer in many cases than if you only ‘thought it’ in the usual 3D manner. This kind of focused intention and attention to detail is part and parcel to living an enlightened life.

As a long-time practicing Buddhist, many years ago I learned the art of Mindfulness, of being aware of my thoughts, words, and deeds. I realized that this life-long awareness has fine tuned my Heart-Mind connection and allowed my soul and Spirit to emerge and govern my entire life. This is possible for everyone to do; it is not specific to a religious discipline or devotion. It is simply a choice for each of us to either choose to live by the ramifications of our ego-mind or the steadfast awareness of the Soul-Self. Each of us is heir to our own individuated God-Self Reality. We need only embrace it at the Heart-Mind Level. Do you see? It is so simple to think/feel with the Heart center. The Heart Seed that is our Spiritual destiny.

In the new Age of Aquarius, of which we have been firmly launched by Solstice 2012, we are all already shifting into this Higher Awareness of Mind, that which is seated in the Fourth Chakra. We will soon be able to expand our consciousness fully, restore our health to its perfection, and enter into a higher vibration of Soul. Know that this esoteric teaching is not for the materialistically bent nor for those too tightly bound in self-denial or self-aggrandizement. It is for those who have the desire to seek a Higher Truth, a more permanent existence in Soul and a future that is filled with well-being, joy and harmony.

 You Can Heal Yourself if You Have the Know-How.

Many teachings of the East have taught a Higher Reality, where illness, dysfunction and even death does not exist. There are, for example, about 4,000 people presently living on Earth that survive solely on their breath, plain water, and the Divine Light that piggybacks on the rays of our local sun. This amazing feat is not germain to a culture, a cult or a special genetic anomaly, but rather on a person’s individual choice to live in the Mind and Heart of God. Their basic mantra is “I Am Love, I Am Infinite, I Am Eternal.” Their belief system has gradually opened the esoteric doorway of breathlessness and deathlessness. This means that they live by Divine Will, by the moment to moment awareness of their Divinity. These are not ascetics hidden away in the Andes or the Himalayas, but regular 9-to-5 people who live and practice a higher vibration, a higher mindset, and most assuredly a deeper focus on the Heart-Mind connection. There are also an increasing number of Lightworkers who are sustaining nourishment through their acquisition of Light, who intake the life-force of fresh fruits and vegetables, while disdaining meat, dairy, wheat, corn, sugar, alcohol and all cooked foods. These people dwell in higher plains of consciousness. Again, they are not ascetics or recluses, but people like you and me who have found a more fundamental way of being, a life that is based on pure love, respect, compassion and wisdom. The heart-mind-spirit connection is again the principle pathway to their upliftment.

None of these extremes is necessary for those who are beginning their upward journey. The fact that such is possible is in itself sufficient evidence to demonstrate the power and presence of living from the Heart Chakra. What you can do instead is learn to shift your focus from the every-day mind, the cognitive consciousness of doubt, fear, mistrust and disharmony to the heart-mind awareness of love, generosity, serenity, joy and peace. Sounds like a dream? Definitely not! It is a current reality, a potential for each soul upon the Earth to Manifest their Divinity, their connection with something greater than themselves, what William James (1902) called “The Something More.” James explained this ‘more’ as something beyond our usual state of being, something we all seek, as in a shift to the transcendent, an innate striving towards oneness. He held that this shift occurs when the “person becomes conscious that this higher part is conterminous and continuous with a MORE of the same quality which is operative in the universe outside.” Thus, through the Law of Free Will, human beings make their own choices. Yet when we decide to choose the upward path, we have a great deal of help from on High.

So let me recap. The soul and the Over-Soul are accessible once one becomes aware of how to open one’s Heart Chakra. People who learn to live from their Heart Center experience a greater peace, stability, well-being and harmony in their lives. Choosing to live from the inside out or from the Heart Center facilitates a greater harmony and focus in life. And finally, one can heal one’s entire physical being by adhering to simple Laws of right thinking, right living, right eating and most important of all right mindfulness. Once you relinquish the outer confusion, disappointment and doubt that obfuscates the soul’s awareness, you are more than half way there. Learning to live from your heart center is a process that assists you to increase your consciousness and physical perfection as well as recognizing your inherent Divine nature.

The OakRose Academy of Light is a Mystery School based on the ancient Teachings of the Brotherhood of the Light, guided by the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. It promotes and fosters a person’s freedom and empowerment, the I-AM Consciousness Awareness within each individual, and a deeper understanding of the Nova Earth Reality that is our Divine legacy. If you have any questions about the Academy, the teachings of the Masters, or would like to have a Personal Reading with an Ascended Master-Teacher, please contact Reverend AliceAnn at  For more information, visit

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