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Profound Healing In Brazil – Reverend Juli Somers


Perhaps one of the greatest demonstrations of the awakening of humanity has been taking place for decades in a small town in Brazil. At a place called the Casa Dom Ignacio, people come from around the world to experience the profound healing energy transmitted by the medium Joao de Deus (John of God). The trip is long and arduous, the accommodations mostly uncomfortable, yet this is a small price to pay to witness miracles. Here they are commonplace.

Countless people have experienced different levels of healing through a stay here, and leave, irrevocably touched and changed. Perhaps of greater importance many have their faith in spirit restored. I first made the trip to Brazil years ago for healing for a physical issue. In subsequent trips, I realized that beyond the body it is more about healing the soul. And always I pray for and am given guidance on being of greater service to the planet. I write this while on my eighth trip to this blessed place.

I was introduced to the healing power of spirit at a young age. As a child I went to my father concerned about a growth on my finger. He told me if I prayed for a healing, it would happen. In my innocence I diligently offered my prayer each day. It wasn’t faith that inspired me to pray, my motivation was wanting the problem to go away. It took about a year but the growth did eventually disappear. Without realizing the impact this would have on my life, I experienced a power beyond the physical that could be called on for help and healing.

This current trip to Brazil started out with a room issue. As I was unhappily jostled around, I began to wonder why I didn’t spend the money going to a beach instead. A couple of days later while immersed in the experience of this high vibration energy, I found myself laughing. While in what is called the current room, meditating for hours, I felt that I am both in the ocean and AM the ocean. With that spiritual awareness the mere desire to be at a beach quickly faded away.

They call this place the House of God. We all know God (or Love if you rather) is everywhere, in everyone and all things. Yet here because the veil is so very thin between the worlds, it is as though you are sitting and sharing a meal with All That Is. Awakenings happen continually as ones limiting beliefs get challenged. The experience at the casa reawakens our knowing that there are dimensions beyond the physical and that these dimensions offer us guidance and healing. As each of us awakens and shifts the lens that we are seeing through, we open our spiritual eyes. And in this place, miracles abound.

Juli Somers is the founder and director of the Center For Inner Truth located at 826 Camino de Monte Rey , A1, Santa Fe. Call 505-920-4418 or go to centerforinnertruth.org


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