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How to Manifest the Perfect Life for You – Brennan Murphey

With books such as The Secret and ideas such as The Law of Attraction currently in vogue, there is a lot of excitement and interest around the topic of manifestation in popular culture. Yet many people are still confused about the process and find themselves unable to make it work for them—especially when it comes to manifesting wealth and romantic love.

The first thing that it is absolutely necessary is that you must have a very clear picture in your mind of what exactly it is that you want. Vague ideas of “more money” or “the perfect lover” will not get you anywhere. You have to hold an exacting vision that is deeply detailed. How much more money exactly? What does the perfect lover look like to you? Do not stop there. The more detailed you get, the better. Most importantly, what would it feel like to be living that life? What emotions would you experience? Take some serious time out of your daily routine to envision this perfect life and write it down. If you don’t get clear about it, you will never manifest it!

The motivations for your desires are even more important than the desires themselves, because they will expose your belief system, which is where the biggest obstacles lie. Why do you want $10,000? Is it because you want something specifically that more money can buy you? Why do you want that thing? Is it because you believe that this thing will make you happier? What exactly is it about having that thing that would make you happier? Is it really the thing, or a certain feeling it will bring you?

Once you are clear about exactly what you want and why you want it, put it in writing! Writing it down is the beginning of taking action, and will prepare you for the next step. Get yourself a manifestation journal and a nice pen, and write it all down by hand. There is a special magic that happens when pen touches paper.

Once you have it all written down, examine your motivations. Figure out what the underlying beliefs are that create them. For example, are you motivated to get that new lover because you believe that you can only be happy with a lover?

Now examine your beliefs and ask yourself if these beliefs really serve you. Realize that although it may take some work to attract things from other people such as wealth and love, you can change your beliefs at any time once you realize what they are. If you discover a belief driving your motivation that does not serve you, think of an alternative belief that would serve you better and decide to adopt it instead. If your beliefs contradict what you want to manifest, you will fail at manifesting those things into your life.

Once you have examined your motivations that drive whatever you intend to manifest, uncovered and replaced any disempowering beliefs, and aligned your belief system with the vision of your perfect life, you can then begin the actual process of manifestation. This requires both emotion and action.

Close your eyes and tune in to the emotion of how you envisioned yourself feeling in your perfect life This part may be challenging for some people because it requires you to suspend your current perception of reality, but you do it all the time when you watch movies, read books and hear stories from other people. This time, the movie is in your head. See yourself happy and fulfilled, having all the things you envisioned.

Once the positive emotion is flooding through you, open your eyes and pretend as if you already had everything you want Now, imagine how you could modify your current daily routine to more closely match up with the way such a person, your ideal self, would live. Resume your life, acting as closely to this ideal as possible.

The next step is perhaps the most difficult. Forget about what you want. What? How could forgetting about what you want help you? It seems counter-intuitive, but in order to create the space for the thing you want to manifest, you have to forget about it for a brief time. Then, it will come to you. Try it!

To learn more, visit interlightmysteryschool.com. To sign up for classes or to schedule healing services call Brennan Murphey at 505-692-5411.

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