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Santa Fe Center Of Light – Humanity is Awakening: Are You Ready?

Ervin Lazlo, who is best known for his work on the evolution of consciousness, is predicting that we have five years to change humankind or be a failed species. Some other experts think we have 10 years or maybe 15. No matter who is right, they are unanimous in seeing that we need to make dauntingly big changes—and quickly! If this thought drives you into denial, fear or despair, you won’t have the energy to change yourself or the planet. So do not give in to that temptation, and instead commit to be vibrantly active in this unique opportunity to save our species and the earth from destruction.

Hundreds of spiritual teachers from different paths now agree on what is needed. On an individual level we must all:

  1. Expand our minds and consciousness as never before
  2. Actively learn to open our hearts and consciously create through love
  3. Connect with God-Self-Source within us and follow inner guidance.

We need spiritual community to learn and to practice these skills and create these conscious habits and relationships. And we need to come together with others whether we have the same spiritual path or not. These three essential skills are common to all inner paths, though we may call them by different names and practice them in different ways. Only through collaboration will humanity survive.

I call on all of us to gather in small groups and in circles of consciousness, joining in resonance of heart and mind, and supporting each other to bring our own unique piece of the puzzle to the new world in its next step of evolution. I commit myself to do so. Will you? And will you act on that commitment now? Time is short, but through love and dedication we can change the world.

Mother Clare Watts is the director of the Centers of Light throughout North America, which offer classes in consciousness and spirituality and an integrated ecumenical training program for aspiring spiritual leaders, counselors and healers. She is the author of Giving Birth to God and Mystical Roses of Peace. For more information, go to CentersOfLight.org.

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