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The Awakening of Humanity – Reverend AliceAnn Saunders

The Divine Plan goes Forth and we are one with it!

The time is now to tap into our power as sovereign spiritual beings. As we all know, the Earth is in flux, and great change is now taking place geophysically, geofinancially, and geopolitically as well as at the soul level. We are now at the threshold of our New Beginning, what the Great Masters of Light call ‘the rising of Nova Earth Reality.’ Many of us are feeling internal shifts, some of which are understandable some not. But what is salient here is that this is the time of the Great Awakening for all of Humanity. So how do you stay connected with that Divine Awareness, that internal knowing that keeps you aligned with all that the human collective is now experiencing?

You do this by tuning into your deeper Self, by finding time to sit quietly daily and just Be. It doesn’t seem like a very important prescription for keeping vertically aligned with the Supreme Being of all Creation, but it is that simple. The Ascended Masters, who are part of Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy, along with the Elementals, Starseeds, the Archangels and Elohim are all currently assisting Earth as she travels through the Eye of the Needle. This, therefore, is a tremendously important time in Earth’s history, never before have we experienced globally and individually the immensity of such a World Shift.

The interesting thing is that, although this is happening to the Human Collective, it is not a given that all humanity will ascend to the next level of Divine Consciousness. Many people are still on the fence, not knowing where their soul is going or why, while others are living in fear not love. When this occurs it keeps our Divine Awareness at bay; it is then incumbent upon each of us to learn ‘how’ to take in Divine Light and filter out all that does not comply with our own soul’s transition to its Higher Self. So how does one do that? How can you become more awake to the experience of Divinity within and without?

The Master Teachers have chosen certain people upon the earthplane to help lead humanity forward in its upliftment. Many are scribes, some are healers, some are gate-keepers, and some bring forth the words of the Ascended Masters and High Holy Ones through voice channeling. Those of us who have answered the call of Heaven to serve in this way have the grace of attunement and are, for the most part, Divine Emissaries of God, assisting the Spiritual Hierarchy, the High Holy Ones and the Realms of Light. We are here to serve God and to help all who desire to know, realize and live in their highest potential. The OakRose Academy of Light is such a vehicle for transformation. We are a mystery school certified by the Spiritual Hierarchy of Shamballa – the Master-Teachers who guide planet Earth.

Beloved Mighty I-AM Presence within and without,

I ask you to come down into my four/seven-body system,

Into my Heart Chakra and all my Higher Dimensional Selves,

All that I am in the Continuum,

That I may be one whole being of Light Ascending into Light and Love.


It is clear that Love is the guiding force of Creation. It is Love that forgives and allows; Love that nourishes and uplifts; Love that enlightens and opens the inner door of awareness deep within the soul of every being. When we are blocked by fear, doubt and mistrust, we naturally inhibit our true Self experience. But when we ‘choose’ to accept this Universal Principle of God-Love into our being, we actually become it. In this way we learn to build our Light within cellular and aetheric consciousness; we, in short, become Divine. This Divinity is our true heritage, our gift from God as we ‘return’ to the fullness of Being and again acquire that which was lost at the Fall. This isn’t about religion, although religion can assist in opening these gateways; it’s about finding Spirit within. But unless and until You, as an individual soul, ‘choose’ to walk this upward path, it remains somewhat aloof, very like a guiding star far, far above your head, but still out of reach, not yet integrated into your Being.

Many in Santa Fe are privileged to live in High Vortexial Spiritual energies, energies that the Masters of Shamballa have put in place to prepare this region to be a City of Light for the New Age. This is why we are all noticing how happy we are when we meet each other, when we shop, when we go into nature. This, too, is why the negativity that exists elsewhere in less elevated regions, does not exist here. But don’t be fooled. This is a wonderful place to be, but complacency about your own acquisition of Divinity can keep you from realizing, not only your full Divine potential, but it may slow your ascension process, putting you in conflict with your soul’s evolution progress and that of the Earth’s. Now this does not mean that you ‘must’ do something or else fail. No! God doesn’t work that way. Creator or ‘Prime Source’ has allowed humanity ‘Free Will’ and it is in the context of this free-will zone that earth abides and has done so since the Fall of Atlantis.

But now we must look beyond this original gift from Creator and align ourselves with the Highest Principles of God Consciousness. This we do by giving all that we are to the Creator Most High, (and to no one else), and in doing so we gain a freedom that is beyond anything we could have ever imagined. This is one way of realizing your Higher Self.

Each person on the Earth has been given a choice to ascend now, or to wait a bit longer or to remain for a time in the lower frequencies of karmic life. Those choices sound like mighty interesting words, and maybe even a bit scary, especially if you have no clue whatsoever as to what ‘ascension’ actually means. In brief, Ascension, defined by all mystery schools from Ancient times, means to ‘in-gather Light’, and here, of course, we mean Divine Light, not just the light of the sun; although, the sun itself does transmit to us those much longer Divine Light wave particles. When you do this, when you become filled with Divine Light awareness, you naturally Love and in naturally loving, your life is filled with joy; you live in the ‘Flow’. This is what connects you to God always! When you ‘know’ that you are dwelling every moment in the Flow of your true God-Realized-Self, you leave all the lower frequencies behind, you ‘choose’ to live as an ascended, enlightened being, and you are hence in direct connection with God, with your Higher Self, with your true destiny, with the New Earth.

In short, you are right with the world and the world is right with you. And, indeed, this is how you can tell if you are, in fact, vertically aligned with Heaven. The ancient Mystery Schools all teach: “As Above, so Below; as Below, so Above.” It is what the Christ meant when he said, “I am in the world but not of it.”

It’s quite simple we are, by Creator Source’s decree, Divine Beings. Always have been, always will be, even though we have taken a tremendous detour to explore the lower frequencies of this planet’s so-called 3D reality. And even that has been part of our Divine Mission for God, to assist the Mind of Creator to ‘know’ the furthest outreaches of experience. But soon, very soon now, we will be giving up duality and the domination of these lower frequencies as we move ever nearer to our True Self Mastery.

Mastery is not a given though. You must make an ‘effort’ to achieve it. This is why the Masters have given us earth-channels and teachers of Light; and encouraged communities of Light in 5D modalities, so that all these may be forerunners to 5D and even greater dimensionality. This is why we Lightworkers reach out 24/7 to any and all who are being called to their Higher Truth. This is why the Masters will walk the earth again to teach, guide and heal us. This is why we are moving inextricably upwards to raise our individual and collective consciousness to the heights needed to meet the High Holy Ones and thus to end Earth’s age-old quarantine as we become Galactic citizens.

In conclusion, as we put aside our earthly violence, our greed, hate and delusion—what this world has been for 13 millennia; as we redefine ourselves as Enlightened Beings of Love and Service; and as we build our Nova Earth Reality in terms of “The Will to Good,” this and only this is how we shall ascend in Joy and Peace.

I am AliceAnn Melchizedek, a High Priestess to the Order of Melchizedek, (Lord Melchizedek is our Universal Logos). This means I have passed many initiations on the inner plane of consciousness, and been ordained by the High Holy Ones to Serve God in Life through Love and Awareness. This is why I have come to Santa Fe, sent by the Archangels to assist humanity even as others have come to their assignments to assist humanity. I am not alone in this; I am but a cog in the wheel of our becoming. Under the guidance of my Teachers from on High, I have founded OakRose Academy of Light to serve humanity in this way and to teach others how to be Lightworkers, teachers of God’s Law in their own right; and to experience the freedom and Joy of Service to God in Life. I am blessed to have students all over the world, who are seeking their Higher Truth. I am given to serve in this way and it is my Joy to do so.

The purpose of OakRose Academy of Light is to present, develop, and teach a universal understanding of humankind’s innate, natural and inherent higher consciousness, the I-AM Divinity within each person. OakRose Academy of Light promotes an expanded awareness and knowledge of metaphysics and the Law of the One as it has been given unto the Earth by Heaven; and supports the upliftment of the planetary consciousness, as the Academy teaches and fosters an individual’s enlightenment, education and opportunity for spiritual development.

OakRose Academy of Light offers:

  • An Evening with the Ascended Masters/weekly Sunday night meditation conference call
  • One-on-one Readings with the Ascended Masters
  • One-on-One Healing Sessions with the Master Healer Guides
  • Weekly Master/Student Sessions with the overlighting Master/invitation by the Ascended Master only
  • One-on-One 5-Day Intensives with the Ascended Master Serapis Bey
  • Spring and Fall Master Classes with the Ascended Masters for students around the world
  • 3-Day Weekend Healing Institutes with the Ascended Master Hilarion and other Masters
  • Monthly in-home and teleconference for Lightworkers
  • Equinox and Solstice Ceremonies of Light
  • Homilies of Light that introduce you to the Teaching of the Great White Brotherhood of Light
  • Quarterly Academy Newsletters
  • Pastoral Care and Prayer Invocation as an Ordained Priest & Minister of Light
  • Monthly Messages & Lightworkers Transcripts from the Ascended Masters online at OakRoseAcademyOfLight.com
  • Facebook posts at OakRose Academy of Light
  • 5D Community of Light Membership and Group Participation
  • Satsanga gatherings for Disciples of the Masters
  • Workshops and Webinars in process for 2014

Rev. AliceAnn Saunders, Ph.D., is the founder of Oak Rose Academy of Light in Santa Fe, NM. For more details, call 505-660-5278 or visit OakRoseAcademyOfLight.com.




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