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Published on August 31st, 2013 | by Publisher, Natural Awakenings New Mexico


Rudi Rap

Kind Mind

submitted by Alan Hutner, AKA Rudy. The following are the lyrics to a transformational Rudy Rap song aimed to end the mind wandering trap of scattered control through a meditation’s role.

What’s a Kind Mind?

How does it relate to the Divine?

Well this morning I got the sign

Not just for the mind to resign

Rather to train it

To step in time

With the Divine

Tapping into the universal mind

One mind-all Divine

The key

As I now see

Is related to false identity

For if Divinity is “All That Is”

What I perceive as separate

Creates the original “diz”

Forget original sin

That’s a has-been

Thought comes out of the silence

When you create Source alliance

With meditative compliance

Rest in peace

Too often relatively brief

To see the benefit you reap

Preventing un-controlled mind creep

Non-dual to the Divine

By control of thought and mind

Relax into the One

And all will be fine!

Alan Hutner, AKA Rudy, is the host of some radio talk show. For more information, call 505-466-2616 or visit


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