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Published on August 1st, 2013 | by Publisher, Natural Awakenings New Mexico


August Publisher’s Letter

Our August issue is focused on the theme “Rethinking Cancer” a subject we prefer “not” to think about. According to statistics published by the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” cancer ranks as the leading cause of death in the United states, a close second after heart disease. Statistics by the American Cancer Society state that the survival rate in 2013 is at 68%, a very encouraging number.

The good news is we have a lot of control over our risk. For example cancers  caused by cigarette smoking or alcohol can completely be prevented. Another important factor is early detection. None of us enjoy PAP smears, mammograms or prostrate exams. Yet the early detection of cancer while it’s localized before spreading to other parts of the body is what creates this high survival rate.

Our August articles armor you with knowledge about alternative and preventive healing therapies. The feature article “Rethinking Cancer” shares advice from experts on many new alternative therapies. A key factor is keeping the body from being in an acidic state which creates infections and wreaks havoc in the immune system. Scientist Raymond Francis states that “Regular exercise, a daily, high-quality multivitamin and detoxification are equally crucial to restoring the body’s biological terrain.” While high-tech medicine, drugs and surgeries have a secure place in the treatment of serious health conditions. Integrative medicine offers a wonderful alternative giving the patient a choice of treatment between traditional and alternative medicine. 

We are happy to share with you the inspiring story of Shereen Noon, a cancer survivor living in Santa Fe and the mind, body and spirit techniques that helped overcome her fight with cancer and remain cancer free. Our new advertiser Dr. Anne Merkel shares psychological insights about the disease. Professional organizer Hazel Thornton provides tips on creating a peaceful environment and organizing your life and home before undergoing treatment. One of the most soothing ways to feel nurtured is receiving a massage. If you know anyone that would benefit from a soothing oncological massage while undergoing treatment please contact the Peregrine Institute in Santa Fe – see article on page 6. We are also publishing an online resource guide that lists free cancer resources available in New Mexico such as house cleaning while undergoing treatment, check ups, transportation and housing facilities.

In closing I like to leave you with the thought that “we are more than our bodies”. The interview with Julia Canon about our bodies’ signals, honing our listening skills to heal ourselves and the conversation with film director Michael Perlin about his beautiful movie “Three Magic Words” inspire us with this knowledge.

Have a wonderful month of August,NNM08-13-cover


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