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Published on July 29th, 2013 | by Dr. Anne Merkel


10 Points to Consider for Cancer Recovery

Anne_MerkelIf you have received the diagnosis of cancer, as an Energy Psychologist I would urge you to consider the following 10 points where you have undoubtedly stored emotion that may slow down your recovery and healing process.

When you hold emotional stress or charge around an issue, the body goes into constriction mode and natural healing is a challenge. In your case you need all of your reserves without any additional obstacles. At each point feel the pain, symptoms, stress, and tap on your “Heart Center” (fingers spread wide vertically on sternum between your breasts) as you breathe out the negativity or stuckness. [If you know EFT tapping, use that.]

Pain and obvious symptoms: whenever there is pain or when symptoms show up, it is easiest to clear these first so they are out of the way as we go deeper into clearing the cause.

Fear: we have been taught by society and many doctors that we are victims of our bodies, and that when the body has a problem we must turn outside of ourselves to find help. When we feel powerless in any situation we feel fear, so this is a good time to clear that by tapping.

Victimhood and lack of control: while we are focused here, this is a good time to clear all feelings of being a victim to our body and health.

Emotions around the diagnosis: often a diagnosis has been made—or not, and there might be fear, dread, confusion, frustration and many other emotions around this news (or lack thereof) and how it was presented to you.

Just the word “cancer” is terror-provoking to many people, so it is important to tap away the power this word and condition holds over you.

Treatment fears: as treatment time approaches there is often fear, dread, concern, etc. about the procedures, the outcome, the cost and other details.

Treatment issues and process: as the treatment is carried through (such as chemo, radiation therapy, surgery, etc.), there might be additional issues. Remember that each time you have surgery the subconscious may believe that you are going to die, so this needs to be cleared. And, toxins need to be cleared from the energetics whenever anesthesia, drugs or chemo are administered.

Prognosis: in many cases a physician has presented a condition’s prognosis, and this can be very depressing or scary for you. Remember that your body is totally unique from every other body, and your own case may never fit into any doctor’s statistics.

During this process if the pain moves or other symptoms show up, then tap them away using the “Heart Center” or your regular EFT protocol.

Fear of the future: you may be fearful that a condition will return. This may be based on negative cases of others, a personal experience, or on a habit of worrying. Any and all of these can be cleared.

I hope these 10 points can guide you to start letting go of the emotional pain that is keeping you prisoner in your state of dis-ease. After you clear the emotions it will be easier for the physical healing to progress.


About the Author

Dr. Anne Merkel is a practicing Energy Psychologist, using N-hanced EFT, Energy Medicine and Naturopathy to guide clients world-wide to clear blocks to success and wellness. She trains and certifies Health and Wellness Practitioners to incorporate Energy Therapy into their practices. For more information, go to MyEFTCoach.com. Visit is.gd/FreeEFTPacks for a Free EFT Resource Center with an Introduction to EFT Package including audio and video.

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