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Published on April 30th, 2013 | by Rheanni Lightwater


Hypnosis And Your Health

Hypnotherapy is an important option for improving women’s health in areas such as weight release, self-esteem and procrastination around letting go of unwanted habits like smoking, worrying and emotional blockages that prevent you from having a body that lives and thrives in balance.

What is Hypnosis?

Often, people come to a hypnosis session with preconceived notions that they’ve learned through the media. Specifically, many are concerned about “mind control” or “losing control over their free will.” This idea usually comes from sensationalist movie or television claims or from hypnotists who are putting on staged hypnosis shows for entertainment purposes.

As a therapy, hypnosis is used to help you change your attitudes, habits and beliefs about yourself and to get into rapport with your unconscious mind, which is the part of your mind that’s in charge of all your bodily functions like breathing, cell regeneration, heart beat, etc. So, when discussing what hypnosis is, it’s important to discuss that it is not mind control, and under no circumstances will you do anything that is against your will. You will not sing like an opera star or cluck like a chicken!

Hypnosis is Actually a Normal, Natural State

What you can do is make changes in how you see yourself, your outlook on life and reduce stress. Hypnosis is a state of relaxed concentration which makes it easier to have a single pointed focus, removing other distractions from the mind. In short, don’t expect to feel zonked out or out of control in any way. Do expect to feel relaxed, focused and completely in charge.

During hypnosis you can insert positive, life-affirming suggestions into the unconscious which are easily accepted, find lost or forgotten memories through regression or past life therapy, and access motor and bodily processes (metabolism, pain, heart rate, blood pressure etc.).

There is ample research on physical healing, pain control, post-operative healing, and even cancer that point to the mind’s role in the healing of the body. Through hypnotherapy and even self-hypnosis, you can program your mind to live a more healthy lifestyle or you can improve learning and performance for any sport, academic or artistic field.

Increasingly, women therapists are including hypnosis in their practice. If you are a counselor, body worker, teacher or any other practitioner that wants to motivate and inspire others, hypnotherapy is an invaluable resource and can be integrated quite easily into most modalities. Soul Resources in Albuquerque offers affordable and expert hypnotherapy trainings and Certifications. Visit us at: http://pastliferegressions.com/2013/02/04/hypnosis-certification-in-albuquerque-new-mexico/

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