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Published on March 11th, 2013 | by Publisher, Natural Awakenings New Mexico


DreamWeaving for People and Animals

Denise Michel, DC, is the developer and instructor of DreamWeaving Technique/FitnessSM (DWT/F). Everything that is taught in DWT/F is a result of a combination of modalities and healing methods that she used to heal herself of breast and ovarian tumors. “It was an eleven year process of trial and error,” says Dr. Denise. “Now, it is refined, and time and time again it proves to be effective.”

What is the DreamWeaving Technique/Fitness?

It is an individualized essential oil application technique in which various healing modalities are used to choose the essential oils. Dr. Denise and her wife, Jill, look at Five Phases from Traditional Chinese Medicine, allopathic organ systems, the seven main chakras from Ayurveda, and some indigenous teachings. “Where all of these intersect, that is where we begin,” explains Dr. Denise.

None of the mentioned modalities are new; however, it is the way that each is woven together with therapeutic grade essential oils, that DWT/F takes a unique perspective about health and healing. Like spokes on a wheel, where they all meet at the hub, these modalities encourage efficient, effective forward movement. It is the core that is strengthened with DWT/F. “The question has been asked, ‘Do you treat specific ailments?’” says Dr. Denise. “The short answer is yes. Oftentimes, though, when we strengthen the core the acute ailment that an individual had before the DWT/F session is gone afterwards. If the ailment is something chronic or major, more sessions may be necessary.”

In terms of animals, Dr. Denise first began using essential oils and the early stages of DWT/F to treat horses on the rescue ranch Spirits Whisper Acres in Illinois. At that time, 36 horses were on the ranch. “It was during the time when West Nile Virus was rampant, and 80 percent of the horses in that area succumbed to the virus,” she recalls. “Every single horse on Spirits Whisper Acres ranch lived and thrived.”

According to Dr. Denise, “Jill and I work on animals together using a tag team approach and the animals usually respond within seconds to DWT/F.”

“DreamWeaving Technique/Fitness is much more than an aromatherapy application technique,” explains Dr. Denise. “It has been life-changing for many people and animals. It is a partnership, though, between the recipient and the practitioners. We do not ‘heal’ people or animals.” Rather, they facilitate healing with the intention of balancing the system and strengthening the core of an individual or group.

Becoming a Practitioner

To become a Certified DWT/F practitioner, an individual must complete and pass seven different levels of classes, an internship, and an exit exam. Among the above-mentioned subjects, students also learn and practice self-care exercises.

“Self-care is imperative for potential and current DWT/F practitioners,” affirms Dr. Denise. The primary belief is that the healthier the practitioner is, the more effective and successful the DWT/F session will be. Individuals also have the option of taking classes without seeking a certification.

For more information, contact Dr. Denise Michel at 505-927-3477, Jill Michel at 575-779-1072 or visit to see the full DWT/F curriculum. Follow them on Twitter @DWT_F for Radiant Health, Inc. updates.

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